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"The Vibe Operator" 

The title track to mike by name’s sci-fi rock opera is here! “The Vibe Operator” drops September 22, 2023 and is a modern funk rock anthem for Mike’s first LP as a solo artist.  The full album is coming later this year. Now on his YouTube page you can see the thirty minute concert film due to screen at the Soundwatch Film Festival in Germany this December.


Mike wrote this song, performed all the instruments, inspired by the funk power of Prince, James Brown, and the rock n’ roll attitude of Lenny Kravitz and Led Zep.


The Vibe Operator is a fictional science fiction story that fuses live music, live theater, and cinema in a modern fusion of mediums designed to subvert audience expectations and take them on a journey they’ll groove to and think about for days afterward.

See the prototype concert film here: mike by name presents, The Vibe Operator (Part I)

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mike by name "Devout or Destroyer" Official Video

mike by name "Devout or Destroyer" Official Video

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New York, New York

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