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Mike Moore a.k.a. MIKE BY NAME is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, and producer from the small town of East Kingston, NH known for his heavy rock n’ roll outfit Fire in the Field’s long career touring and releasing music every year since 2014.  His band garnered multiple New England Music Award and Boston Music Award nominations, opening slots for national acts such as Creedence Cleerwater Revival, Marc Ford, Afro Man, song placements in nationally syndicated television shows, plays at SXSW, The Paradise in Boston, well known private scene festivals in New England such as Wheelie Fest, PA and Alberty Hurdy Gurdy Plymouth, MA, and many more.

Mike is now based in NYC having graduated from BerkleeNYC within the legendary Power Station Recording Studio with a master's in Songwriting & Production.

His new project, written during his time at Power Station is the audio album The Vibe Operator, and a thirty minute scifi rock opera concert film, shot as a thesis presentation at Power Station Berklee NYC on April 22, 2022.  Based on his love of music and science fiction Mike wanted to craft a live show as a modern fusion of classic mediums. 

All songs are written, produced, performed, and arranged by Mike Moore on The Vibe Operator (coming 2023), The Holy Egg (2022) as well as his previous two albums, Social Murder Meditation (2019), and Funky Blood (2018) only available on his homepage and bandcamp.

“Speaking of Moore, he sounds impeccable; he has the kind of vocal control and presence to command arenas, and the licks to make an audience swoon.”

-Simon Hadley for Chybucca Sounds (UK) (original article)

mike by name's "Can You Wait For Me"

mike by name "Feed My Dreams With Funk"

mike by name presents, "The Vibe Operator (Part I)" a sci-fi rock opera.

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