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Mike Moore a.k.a. mike by name is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, and producer from the small town of East Kingston, NH known for his heavy rock n’ roll outfit Fire in the Field’s long career touring and releasing music every year since 2014.  His band garnered multiple New England Music Awards and Boston Music Award nominations as well as song placements in nationally syndicated television shows.

Mike is now based in NYC having graduated from BerkleeNYC within the legendary Power Station Recording Studio with a master's in Songwriting & Production.  Having already played venues like Arlene's Grocery, Bar Freda, and the Black Box Theater of Power Station, Mike is looking to bring his new project to the world via the mainline of the NYC music scene.

The new project formed in the yearlong intensive grad program is called The Vibe Operator.

Described as a science fiction rock opera, the story is a sprawling epic mixing the fourteen song studio record with cinematic storytelling through video, and live performance theater.

The Vibe Operator can be compared musically to the spiritual intensity of Prince’s Purple Rain,  to the cosmic epicness of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Incal, combined with the philosophy and campiness of Kirk and Spock’s Star TrekSee Part I here.

mike by name has been described as having “bluesman swagger and a punk heart.”  He channels Hendrix via Prince with the ability to turn on a dime from falsetto pleading to a bluesy wailing through his vocal grit or Les Paul guitar, aptly named “Mortimer.”


All songs are written, produced, performed, and arranged by Mike Moore on The Vibe Operator (2023), The Holy Egg (2022) as well as his previous two albums, Social Murder Meditation (2019), and Funky Blood (2018).  Mike's full discography can be found here on his Bandcamp page.


“Speaking of Moore, he sounds impeccable; he has the kind of vocal control and presence to command arenas, and the licks to make an audience swoon.”

-Simon Hadley for Chybucca Sounds (UK)

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